Blackjack Table Rental

Blackjack Casino Party Game Illinois

We offer Full-Size Blackjack Table Rentals with the following features:


  • 7 Player Positions & Dealer Position
  • Builtin Cup Holders
  • Dealer Chip Tray
  • Padded Armrest
  • Padded Felt Top
  • Folding Legs
  • Wood Reinforced Exterior Frame
  • 6 ft. x 3 ft. x 30 in.


Each Blackjack table has a full set of mildew-resistant black vinyl bumper pads. The table top is covered with padded green felt and reinforced with a wood frame for added comfort, stability and strength.


About Blackjack


Also known as Twenty-One, Blackjack is one of the most widely played casino games in the world. Unlike games such as Poker, players in Blackjack compete only against the dealer.


The dealer deals himself and each player a two-card hand. Players and the dealer add the value of their two cards based on the following system:


  • Face cards (kings, queens, jacks) equal 10 points
  • An ace equals 1 or 11 points (determined by player & dealer at start of game)
  • All other cards count as their numeric value


Players then compare the value of their two cards to that of the dealer’s two cards. A player or the dealer wins by having a score of 21 or by having the higher score that is less than 21. One loses by “busting” or “going bust,” that is, by scoring higher than 21. If the dealer “busts,” a player can win by having any final score equal to or less than 21. If the player and dealer have the same total, this is called a “push”, and the player typically does not win or lose money on that hand.


After receiving their first two cards, players may ask the dealer to “Hit me” to get an additional card. The dealer must hit until the cards total 17 or more points.


At many tables the dealer will hit on a “soft” 17, i.e. a hand containing an ace and one or more other cards totaling 6. If a player holds an ace valued as 11, the hand is called “soft”, meaning that the player cannot go bust by taking an additional card; 11 plus the value of any other card will always be less than or equal to 21. Otherwise, the hand is “hard.”

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